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Speaking fees:

Keynote:  $175
Half Day: $300
Full Day: $500
Local: $175
Non-profit: $100

Please call or email for more details.


Research Fees:

My hourly fee is $45.00. I charge in 15 minute increments. For most projects I request a minimum retainer of $450.00 to be applied toward the number of hours you authorize. This initial retainer will cover the first 10 hours of research. Each additional hour is billed at $45.00 per hour. For large projects I require larger upfront fees. If you order larger projects they can be discounted as follows:

10 hours research = $450      
20 hours research  = $855
40 hours research  = $1,735

The work will begin upon receipt of the retainer fee. My fees include research, report, and analysis, with ideas for future research.

Other expenses may be incurred, but not for all projects. It depends on what you want me to do. Any photocopies, photographs, repository entrance fees (provided that I am not already a member and have free entry), long distance phone calls, postage and handling, travel and other ordered or approved out-of-pocket expenses, will also be billed with receipts supplied.  I will not incur any large travel expenses without prior approval. Travel fees include; mileage [$0.50/mile], and tolls.

Balance in full is due before final report is sent.